How to Market Your Tax Preparation Services Online

Nexus United Inc

If you own a small tax preparation firm or are a self-employed tax preparer, chances are you are always on the lookout for new customers. Chances are also great that you have very little time or money to spend bringing in new business.

Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to spend huge amounts of money on advertising to attract new customers. Research shows that more than 90 percent of people use the internet to look for local goods and services. This means that getting your business noticed online is not only affordable, it is extremely effective. Finally, it takes a lot less time and effort than you might think.

Here are three ways you can easily market your business online:

1. Email Marketing: Email marketing is not only easy to do, the results are instantaneous. Email marketing does more than just bring in new business. It also boosts loyalty from existing customers. The secret to success when it comes to email marketing is to test the results of your efforts. Send emails on different days and times, using different formats. Over time you will be able see when your emails are most likely to be opened and which formats are the most popular. Examples of formats could be lists (for example, of tax tips), coupons or discounts for your services, or newsletters.

2. Social Media: More than 75 percent of adults say they are active on social media so it is a great way to garner attention for your business. However, it easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to maintaining a presence on social media. To avoid this, choose one or two platforms that you think your customers are likely to frequent. Deciding on the right platforms is as easy as asking your current clients where they hang out online. You also can ask your clients to like or follow you on social media and encourage their family, friends and business associates to do the same.

3. Online Directories. Gone are the days when people used the yellow pages to find a business. Now online directories are all the rage. Make sure you are listed in as many directories as possible. These include search engine directories such as Yahoo, Google or Bing; local directories such as Citysearch or; and review sites such as Yelp. What’s best, adding your name to these directories is usually free. Finally, find out if your local area or city has business-specific directories and add your name to the categories of tax preparation and tax services.

Getting new business has never been faster, easier or more affordable for small business owners or the self-employed. The key is to know the best places to get noticed online.


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